Uses and Benefits of Milk

Allah Almighty has bestowed upon us His innumerable blessings in a pure state, but what can be said that man has been mixing these pure things for a long time in the greed of more profit. One of these blessings is milk. Nowadays, new methods of blending have been invented. Somewhere milk is being produced artificially.

How to Get Milk From Animals:

Animals are being vaccinated with hormones for far more milk. Somewhere the cream is being extracted from the milk, then somewhere various ingredients are being added to thicken the milk. Hydrogen peroxide is being used to produce artificial foam in milk, keeping it safe for longer. Remember that hydrogen oxide is used in hospitals to stop bleeding and clean wounds during normal operations.

Poor Quality Milk:

Its inclusion in poor quality milk damages the bones, joints, and stomach. Entering the body with any solution can be very dangerous. While such activities are taking place, on the one hand, there is no shortage of honest milk traders on the other hand, who consider adulteration to be a grave sin and the income earned from any form of adulteration is illegal for them.

Milk for the elderly:

The nutritional needs of the elderly decrease with age. Their diet should include plenty of milk, goat or mutton, eggs, whole meal bread, vegetables, and fruits.

The amount of calcium in the diet of the elderly should be 900 mg. Older people who cannot digest milk must eat yogurt or cheese so that the bones are protected from weakness.

Milk For Teens:

Today’s youth are fond of cola and energy drinks and consider Lucy to be an outdated and rustic drink. They should also eat milk, yogurt, and products made from it.

Milk For Babies:

Babies usually run away from drinking milk. There are many flavors of milk available in the market these days, which babies love to drink. Babies can also be given this flavored milk in the form of custard or pudding.

Milk For Newborns:

Breast milk is the best food for the baby. Immediately after the birth of a newborn, a proper diet is required for good development. Breast milk meets the basic nutritional needs of the baby. It contains a balance of vitamins, proteins, starch, and other useful ingredients, which are essential for its development and the immune system. These same ingredients also help in the formation of brain cells.

Breast milk protects the baby from many other diseases, including vomiting and pneumonia. Breast milk produces antibodies in the baby that help it fight off any disease. In children, white sores form on the inside of the mouth, on which the yogurt-like moisture accumulates, which is actually mold. The disease usually affects breastfed babies and especially babies raised on the market milk.

Babies’ digestive disorders:

Children also get this disease from digestive disorders. The baby is usually fed solid food from the age of 6 months. Solid foods include soft foods, such as oatmeal, bananas, egg whites, fruit juices, soups, and lentils. In the meantime, breast milk must be fed to the child up to the age of two years with a soft diet. All of these things should be taken into consideration when making a household budget, as only the most essential items should be bought in this time of inflation.

Comparative Review:

Cows and buffaloes are raised on simple fodder in rural areas as compared to urban areas. Therefore, the price of milk obtained from it is half of the price of the city. Due to lack of space in cities, it is not possible to raise cattle at home, while due to lack of space in rural areas, cows, buffaloes, and chickens are often reared at home. Therefore, the prices of milk, yogurt, eggs, poultry, ghee, and butter are very reasonable and they are included in the diet of these people. That is why eating these things after hard work makes their health enviable.

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