What is Leg Cramps and its Treatment?


When sleeping at night, there is a sudden spasm in the shin or foot and sleep becomes forbidden. This is not because of weakness, but because it affects healthy and energetic athletes. Spasms usually occur in the first few hours of sleep. We can also call a spasm a “muscle spasm.” This time the muscle contracts. According to scientists, this order is issued by the brain during sleep, which happens if there is a spasm in the muscles.

We spread our legs forward. Find the place of spasm, then go and relax. The brain then issues an order that the spasm disappears and it disappears. Scientists have also said that when the balance of calcium, potassium, and sodium in the body is disturbed, then spasm occurs. These three mineral salts are called electrolytes, meaning they allow the passage of electric waves. This electricity is what moves the nerves.

Spread Your Legs:

A useful way to get rid of spasms is to spread the leg. If someone has this problem on a daily basis, exercise is recommended. Stand facing the wall. Place both hands on the wall. Keep one foot two feet away from the wall and the other three feet away.

Now bend the knee of the foot that is close to the wall. Keep the other leg straight, the heel attached to the floor. This movement will spread to the fish and heel muscles. Hold this position for ten seconds. Then rest for 5 seconds. Do this two or three times with each leg. Doing this exercise of spreading the legs 5 to 10 times before going to bed reduces the chances of spasms at night.

Take A Short Walk:

Be sure to walk a little to stretch your leg muscles. Don’t go too far. Start walking slowly.

Massage the muscles.

Massage daily with warm muscle ointment.

Change Position:

When lying on the bed, do not sleep on your stomach, because in this position the shin fish becomes smaller.

Drink Water:

Be sure to drink six to eight glasses of water a day, as dehydration can also cause cramps.

Towel or Handkerchief:

Keep a towel or handkerchief with you. When there is a spasm, put a towel or handkerchief under the toes and pull the toes up until the spasm is gone.

Eat Mineral Salt:

These salts are essential for health. So benefit from their food. Eat 1500 mg of calcium and 400 international units of vitamin A daily. Dr. Harry Dental of the University Of California Medical School in the United States recommends eating these salts. Also, eat foods that contain mineral salts to stay healthy. Keep your feet above the bed. When sleeping, sleep with your feet above your head.

Another Type of Spasm:

The second type of spasm is lameness. The Roman emperor Claudius was lame, so the disease is named after him. This spasm is caused by the accumulation of cholesterol in the legs.

Cholesterol exhaustion and oxygenation:

It do not allow blood to reach the muscles. This spasm also occurs in the flesh of the hips and begins again after a short rest. The cure for cramps is to eat less cholesterol-rich foods. Also, walk daily for this. Walking dissolves cholesterol. Exercise causes the blood to circulate better and reaches the muscles. First, limit the walking exercise to a distance so that the pain does not start. Gradually increase the distance. This exercise is very effective in smoothing the blood circulation in the legs.

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