How are technology and e-health ensuring standard medicine?


According to the World Health Organization, the volume of substandard drugs in the world is currently more than two billion dollars. This business has a strong foothold in every country of the world, which causes millions of deaths every year.

Every government in Asia takes steps to ensure the quality of medicines. But these measures are not enough to end this abominable business.

According to a news report, there are numerous medical stores across the country that are selling drugs without obtaining a license from the government. Such medical stores usually sell substandard drugs. A common man who goes to buy medicine from a medical store or pharmacy. He has no means of determining whether the drugs are standard or substandard.

In contrast, the quality of medicines can be checked through e-health.

Licensed Online Pharmacies

Before buying medicines from online pharmacies, it can be checked whether the pharmacy is licensed by the government or not. If the pharmacy has a license posted on its website, it means that the pharmacy is selling drugs in accordance with the country’s laws.

Online pharmacies make sure that the license is posted on the website in any case. Because the management of pharmacies is well aware that if the license is not displayed, the customer will buy the medicine from the website of another pharmacy.

Standard Medicine

You can find out which pharmaceutical company is making this medicine by going to the websites of different pharmacies and searching for your desired medicine.

After seeing the name of the pharmaceutical company, go to the website of this company and check whether the company is making the medicine or not. If the company is making that medicine then understand that the medicine you want is standard otherwise non-standard.

Reasonable Prices

Usually the customer or patient finds out the price of the medicine by visiting the websites of different pharmacies in case of buying medicines from online pharmacies.

Customer prefers to buy medicines from the pharmacy from which standard medicines are available at lower prices. The e-health system has created an atmosphere of competition among online pharmacies, which is why every pharmacy strives to provide quality medicines to customers at a low cost. When buying medicines from pharmacies or medical stores in the market, a person does not have the option to go to different pharmacies and find out the price of the medicine first and then buy his desired medicine from the lower-priced pharmacy.

Convenience for e-health and government

Ensuring the quality of medicines in Pakistan is the responsibility of the Drug Regulatory Authority. Due to limited resources, it is not possible for the authority to inspect medicines in pharmacies and medical stores across the country, whether they are standard or substandard. However, despite limited resources from online pharmacy websites, the authority can check the quality of medicines.

Details of medicines purchased from various pharmaceutical companies can be sought from online pharmacies, which helps in ensuring the quality of medicines.

Access to Online Pharmacists and Doctors

Most pharmacies or medical stores on the market do not have pharmacists or healthcare professionals, leaving patients unable to consult when purchasing medicine.

In such cases, sometimes the patient buys medicines that are not needed at all. While online pharmacies ensure the presence of a highly qualified pharmacist or doctor at all times. So buy standard medicines only after consulting the patient.

E-Health and Hidden Diseases

The common observation is that both men and women are afraid to share their hidden illnesses with anyone. Sometimes even hesitation and shame make these diseases worse. The patient can get the medicine according to his disease by talking to the pharmacist available at the online pharmacies. Checking the quality of hidden medicines available in pharmacies or medical stores in the market is avoided. Because the buyer of the medicine himself is ashamed, he does not want to check whether the medicine is standard or substandard. In contrast, the quality of hidden medicines can be easily checked after purchasing them from online pharmacies.

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